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About Us

WAVE Investments GmbH is privately funded long-term investor focused on Global Specialty Coffee industry.


Equity Investments of both 
minority or majority scale.


Active participation as Shareholder and Board member in portfolio companies seeking expertise and experience.


Also providing financial structuring and M&A support for portfolio companies. 


Consulting projects (strategy, sales, and marketing)


WAVE aims to be the key privately funded investor for the Global Specialty Coffee industry.


WAVE targets coffee roasters, manufacturers of innovative coffee equipment, and other operators focused on high quality coffee products. We prefer companies that seek both capital and business expertise and are focused on long term growth and development.


WAVE aims to be the key privately funded investor for the Global Specialty Coffee industry. WAVE is determined to be a trusted advisor to management teams who value our experience and expertise.



WAVE engages with companies as a collaborative partner. The WAVE team is determined to achieve the best-possible value for all stakeholders. 


WAVE brings decades of experience and expertise in both the coffee and the private equity industry. 


WAVE’s network in the coffee industry spans across the globe. The WAVE partners are known to be trusted professionals whose experiences allow them to carefully select, execute, and support each investment. 


WAVE’s success is based on disciplined and exclusive focus on the Specialty Coffee industry as its management team lives and breathes specialty coffee. 


Nils Erichsen
WAVE Partner & CEO
Jörg Krahl
WAVE Partner & COO
Joshua G. Dick
WAVE Partner
Kyle Anderson
WAVE Partner
Arne Dost
WAVE Partner


Orang Utan Regenwald GmbH

The Orang Utan Coffee Project helps farmers operate ecologically friendly coffee plantations without clearing rainforests. Their goal is to sell enough Orang Utan Coffee to provide effective and long-lasting support for the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP) as well as for the coffee smallholders.

Bkon LLC
Equipment Manufacturer

The brother-and-brother inventor team behind BKON LLC, Dean and Lou Vastardis, developed and commercialized the patented "reverse atmospheric infusion" (RAIN) brewing technology to do cold brew a faster and much tastier way.

WAVE Solutions GmbH
Coffee Equipment Leasing

WAVE Solutions GmbH is providing selected equipment from its exclusive partners within the specialty coffee industry through a leasing model. Only Premium Micro-roaster in Europe can benefit from our offer supplying the best equipment and reliable service.

TONE Kaffeemaschinen AG
Equipment Manufacturer

TONE is going Beyond the Conventional by building a better, more sustainable future that transforms the coffee and tea industry. TONE products offer you a whole new flexibility in brewing a variety of beverages within one device! Thanks to the programming of the dispense of water quantity, the intelligent brewing systems memories up to 60 recipes of your favorite coffee & tea creations and makes extraordinary taste reproducible.

PCR Public Coffee Roasters GmbH
Coffee Roaster

Public Coffee Roasters are dedicated roasters in the Specialty Coffee Scene located in Hamburg with a roastery on the Elbe river. Their main focus is on quality through the whole supply and production chain until the final product in the cup.

ANDRASCHKO Kaffeemanufaktur GmbH
Coffee Roaster

ANDRASCHKO Kaffeemanufaktur was established in Berlin in 2006. However, the company’s passionate history dates back to early beginnings in 1979 when Willy Andraschko established the first Vienna-Style "Kaffeehaus," in Berlin. They bring their close sourcing relationship with farmers around the world together with world class roasting craftmanship to professional and private customers in Germany and internationally.

Lykke Kaffegardar AB
Coffee Roaster

How do you turn the coffee industry around, and why do you even try?

By letting the coffee farmers run the show! To us, thats the only way!

We own our coffee farms and company together with the coffee farmers, cutting out all middle persons and making sure that nothing or no-one gets harmed when we enjoy a good cup of coffee. 

Hanseatic Coffee Roasters GmbH
Coffee Roaster

Hanseatic Coffee Roasters was founded in 2014 by Sven Peters. Born in Hamburg, he developed a passion for luxury products at an early age. After managing a renowned sparkling wine cellar for years and deepening his sensory knowledge, he founded a company for hotel & restaurant equipment, as well as gourmet products. His father gave him a special know-how due to his training as a coffee merchant, which still influences him today.


Jörg Krahl

WAVE Investments GmbH
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