The Private Equity-Group WAVE with focus on investments supports ANDRASCHKO Kaffeemanufaktur, Berlin, with its growth strategy -

Hamburg – January 21st, 2019 – Today, ANDRASCHKO Kaffeemanufaktur (“ANDRASCHKO”), announces its strategic partnership with WAVE Investments GmbH (“WAVE”). ANDRASCHKO, one of Germany’s leading specialty coffee roasters focuses on targeted sourcing of high- quality coffee beans.

ANDRASCHKO was established in Berlin in 2006. However, the company’s passionate history dates back to early beginnings in 1979 when Willy Andraschko established the first Vienna-Style “Kaffeehaus,” also in Berlin. From that day forward, ANDRASCHKO has placed its highest priority on coffee quality in the cup. While ANDRASCHKO no longer operates its own cafés, the company continues its dedication to coffee excellence through world class roasting craftmanship. ANDRASCHKO’s focus is to select coffees from single origin farms with whom the founders and their leadership team have developed a personal relationship from years of travels to diverse origins such as South India, Brazil and Costa Rica.

ANDRASCHKO brings its close sourcing relationship with farmers around the world together with world class roasting craftmanship to professional and private customers in Germany and internationally. In order to expand its distribution of coffees and coffee related accessory products within an integrated growth strategy, ANDRASCHKO has opted for a strategic partnership with WAVE Investments GmbH. The transaction, in which WAVE will assume a minority ownership position, is effective as of January 1st, 2019.

Willy and Elisabeth Andraschko: “We are really pleased to have WAVE as a strategic partner at our side for our new projects in the segment of specialty coffee. With this partnership we have the opportunity to execute our growth strategy and expand into new businesses faster. We expect to set new standards!“

The WAVE-team will support ANDRASCHKO with its well-established international network and extensive knowledge within the specialty coffee industry.

Nils Erichsen, founder and CEO of WAVE: "We are inspired both by Willy and Elisabeth`s energy, as well as by the high-quality recognition their coffees have received throughout the specialty coffee sector. Their competence as well as their unmatchable experience excite us. We are confident that together we will grow ANDRASCHKOimmeasurably. Various new projects are in the pipeline and we are looking forward to execute these opportunities together with the great team of ANDRASCHKO.“


„ANDRASCHKO Kaffeemanufaktur stands for well-balanced espresso blends, classic handcraft and decade-long experience. For us coffee is equivalent to indulgence and culture. For targeted sourcing we travel worldwide in the search of the best specialty coffees available. Our experience guarantees the perfect roasting to achieve the best taste of each coffee. Our equipment and modern production process are “State of the Art”. That’s how we master the biggest challenges with our Probat Neptune 500 „From Crop to Cup“ - and we don’t do compromises!“

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