Strategic partnership between LYKKE KAFFEEGÅRDAR and WAVE Investments


StockholmFebruary 15th, 2021 – Today, LYKKE KAFFEGÅRDAR (“LYKKE”), announces its new and wonderful (strategic) partnership with WAVE Investments GmbH (“WAVE”). Lykke, the old Nordic word for Happiness, is a unique, innovative, and sustainable organization focused on a circular economic model that places priority on the farmers, the environment, and always delivering great coffee that makes people happy. Lykke is led by passionate and experienced coffee executives who are on a mission to create an unprecedented model of coffee supply chain integration. By taking ownership together with the farmers in five countries, Lykke brings the idea of “from seed to cup” to a new level.

LYKKE was established in Stockholm in 2020, with the vision that “no one should do harm when we enjoy a cup of coffee.” Rather than just sourcing coffees from select farms, Lykke joins together in financial partnership with farmers and invests as an owner in their organization, agricultural development, and processing capabilities. Since inception, Lykke has partnered to create small model farms with their own processing stations in Peru, El Salvador, Brazil, Uganda, and Panama. Through these true joint ventures, Lykke is able to provide its customers with coffee sourced directly from its farms and to ensure its quality and sustainability along every step of the process. Lykke removes the middle man so that farmers receive fair pay, coffee quality is the highest possible, and everyone involved shares an appreciation for the environment. “Lykke Happy” means happy farmers, better coffee, and a happy planet.

In order to further expand its distribution of coffees and related equipment and to jump-start the internationalization of its brand, LYKKE has opted for a strategic partnership with WAVE Investments GmbH, based in Hamburg. The transaction, in which WAVE will assume a minority ownership position, is effective as of February 1st, 2021.

 Johan Damgaard CEO and Sustainability entrepreneur at Lykke who lives by the motto of “sustainable, fast & fantastic before careful” said: “We are really pleased to have WAVE as a strategic partner at our side for our new projects in the segment of specialty coffee, distribution, farming, and also machinery. With this partnership, we have the opportunity to execute our growth strategy and expand into new businesses faster. We expect to set new standards!“

The WAVE-team will support LYKKE with its well-established international network and extensive knowledge within the specialty coffee industry. With this partnership, WAVE now holds three specialty coffee brands within its portfolio. Nils Erichsen, founder and CEO of WAVE: "The unique concept of Lykke complements our existing investments in Andraschko Kaffeemanufaktur GmbH & Co. KG, Berlin, and PCR Public Coffee Roasters GmbH, Hamburg. We look forward to establishing a close cooperation between our portfolio of companies and to support Lykke in its ambitious international growth plans.“


Lykke is a vertically integrated coffee organization focused on “producing coffee with no harm done.” The company stands for the principal of “getting a good feeling by doing!” The Lykke team are challenging the normal way of doing things by actually growing, buying, and roasting coffee themselves. All is done with the humble aim of influencing the coffee industry for the better. Lykke hopes that through their efforts and those of others with similar goals that everybody can enjoy a truly good cup of coffee in 50 years-time.

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