Strategic partnership between TONE Kaffeemaschinen AG and WAVE Investments GmbH

The Private Equity-Group WAVE with focus on investmentssupports TONE Kaffeemaschinen AG, Schaffhausen - Switzerland, with its growth strategy

Schaffhausen – October 2nd, 2019 – TONE KAFFEEMASCHINEN AG (“TONE”), announces its strategic partnership with WAVE Investments GmbH (“WAVE”). TONE focuses on developing and manufacturing innovative and Intelligent Brewing Solutions (IBS). Going beyond the conventional by building a better, more sustainable future that transforms the coffee and tea industry.

TONE was established in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, in 2017 with the vision of Holger Welz, founder and CEO of TONE, to build more versatile and sustainable brewing devices. This vision of an IBS is driving him already since 2012, but with his newly formed R&D team in Thun (Switzerland) he was able to bring these new products to market and into the final development phase.

TONE already started to hit the market in first quarter in 2019 with the TONE Touch 01 and TONE Touch 02, its first products inspiring the industry through more meaningful, efficient, multifunctional technology that meets the operational and service demands of the future. The Touch 02 with its unique sidearm innovation opens up scope to deliver coffee and tea, in different volumes, hot and iced at the same time was honorably mentioned in SCA’s 2019 category for Commercial Coffee or Tea Preparation and Serving Equipment.

With the TONE 03 (available in Q1/2020) TONE will introduce a brewing device that is not using a boiler to the global coffee and tea markets. This is the first machine in its category designed with a consistent approach to sustainability including all features baristas do starve for several years already. TONE believes that nowadays it is more important than ever saving resources!

TONE has been setting up its global dealership structure and has opted for a strategic partnership with WAVE to implement its ambitious growth plans. The transaction, in which WAVE has assumed a minority ownership in TONE AG has become effective Q3/2019.

Holger Welz, founder and CEO of TONE: “We are really pleased to have WAVE as a strategic partner at our side to help us to introduce our products on a global basis in the segment of specialty coffee and tea. With this partnership we have the opportunity to execute our growth strategy and expand into new businesses faster. We expect to set new standards together with WAVE!“

 Nils Erichsen, founder and CEO of WAVE: "Knowing Holger since 2005, we are delighted to join him and his team at TONE. Design, technology and commercial value created by TONE’s range of equipment will set new marks in the high-quality segments of coffee and tea globally. We are extremely confident that we will build TONE into an important equipment supplier globally.”

Jörg Krahl, WAVE’s COO, will actively support the global sales network of TONE together with Holger Welz.

 TONE and WAVE will be present at the upcoming Host Show in Milan (October 18th – 22nd) and TONE products can be found at:
1.     UCC booth (Pav. 14 stand C40 D39)

2.     TO COFFEE area at Host (Pav 24 stand V50 Z49)


About TONE
TONE is going beyond the conventional by building a better, more sustainable future that transforms the coffee and tea industry. TONE products offer you a whole new flexibility in brewing a variety of beverages within one device! Thanks to the programming of the dispense of water quantity, the intelligent brewing systems IBS memories up to 60 recipes of your favorite coffee and tea creations and makes extraordinary taste reproducible.  In addition, with the highest possible temperature stability TONE enables precise extraction and consistent quality. With a supplement ice vessel even cold beverages such as iced coffee drinks or ice-tea extend your possibilities to give every cup its own TONE.
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